Thursday, June 08, 2006

The state of Kalvi Varu Street

M. Venkatraman,1, M. K. Amman Koil St., Third Lane, Mylapore, writes

For the attention of Mylapore MLA
Dear Editor,
The road from Sanskrit College to MRTS Bridge (Kalvi Varu St), which is in a pathetic state, shoud be re-laid. The same stretch to be made a 'No Parking' Zone as most of the vehicles, especially lorries, are parked on both the sides.
So is the case under the MRTS bridge junction of Kalvi Varu Street / Luz Church Road. A 'no parking board' installed earlier is missing now.
We hope the new MLA will attend to these issues.
He must also ask the Corporation to ensure that street lights, especially near the MRTS Bridge, burn throughout the night. Most often, these lights do not burn.

Remove encroachments

S. Ramaswami, 14/4, Bheemana 1st Street, Alwarpet, writes

Dear Editor,
I am a senior citizen and a resident of Mylapore constituency.
Every one knows the plight of pedestrians, especially senior citizens, when they use the roads.
Pavements in Mylapore are encroached on and in many areas, they do not exist.

Will the new MLA, S. Ve. Shekher, ensure that the Corporation authorities remove encroachments on pavements?

M. K. Amman Koil Street

N. Mahadevan, 6/5, Third Lane, M. K. Amman Koil St., Mylapore writes

For the attention of the MLA
Dear Editor, I request the newly elected MLA of Mylapore, S. Ve. Shekher, to attend to the following inconveniences immediately:
1. Ensure burning of street lights, especially the ones in M. K. Amman Koil St. starting from Sanskrit College.
2. Relay the M. K. Amman Koil Street.

A blog on the MLA: why?

Tapping technology to connect with local politics can be one of the many ways to nurture healthy grassroot politics. Though, this alone will not deliver magical results.
One, it opens up a transparent, documented and public dialogue between people and their MLA.
Two, it provides space for the voices of people as well as the MLA.
Three, it opens up the dialogue that one person or a group wishes to have with the MLA. Individual phone calls and private e-mails restrict the issue only to the people involved. On the blog, it becomes public.
Four, hopefully this activity will encourage people as well as their representative to contribute to healthy democratic practices.
We welcome the people of this constituency to make this space vibrant.
We hope the posts and dialogue will be mature - we will, without assigning reasons, be constrained to remove unparliamentary posts.